Nos réalisations

Our platform can be used either as a whitelabel service for other healthcare providers, or simply as a telemedicine IT platform for your own needs. Our questionnaire module is very flexible and allows the integration of specific protocols and allows support for various disciplines. Thanks to our programmable questionnaires and our specific tracking and follow-up module, we are able to easily create customized solutions such as automated isolation or quarantine tracking.

Hôpital de la Tour à Meyrin / Centre médical Medin à Bienne / Touring Club Suisse

Our platform is available to the public under the label of the Hospital de la Tour, TCS or Medin. The same protocols of platform are used . Our doctors take care of the patients who come to these dedicated sites. A health care provider (GP, permanence or hospital) can also use our protocols and take care of the cases themselves with his collaborators.

Hôpital ophtalmique universitaire Jules Gonin

Our platform can also be adapted to other disciplines and integrate specific protocols to a specialty or institution. The University Ophthalmic Hospital has decided to offer simple ophthalmic emergency care for its patients. The medical team has developed triage protocols allowing treatment by telemedicine (or possibly an indication to come to Lausanne). The hospital provides doctors from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm who answer the requests of patients who have filled out an online questionnaire.

Canton de Neuchâtel – Nomad

Nomad is mandated by the Canton of Neuchâtel to carry out all COVID-screening in the Canton. We have implemented the Coronacheck specific to the state of Neuchâtel and citizens can directly make an appointment in the screening centers of the state. The algorithm sends to specific centers/agendas (either for rapid tests or specific people). The platform is integrated directly with OneDoc online appointment scheduling.

Canton du Jura

The monitoring and follow-up module has been adapted to meet the mandate of the Canton of Jura to have contact every two days with all persons in isolation and/or quarantine, ideally by SMS/email, or by telephone/video call when necessary. This contact makes it possible to find out how the person is doing, whether he or she has received the useful information, to answer his or her questions and to quickly identify if he or she has symptoms. If necessary, the platform’s doctors can send prescriptions for useful medication to people with symptoms and, if necessary, provide the necessary medical certificates. This avoids taking these cases out of their homes and overloading the emergency room when the cases do not require it from a medical point of view.
The Canton of Jura always keeps track of the type, the duration and the end of the follow-ups. Indeed, once a day we send a file containing the names of the persons to be followed up with the start and end date of the isolation/quarantine following the contact tracing.