How to consult
an online doctor?

Nothing is easier !
Answer the online questionnaire, a doctor then calls you and determines with you your diagnosis. You then receive your prescription directly.

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1. Select the symptom which is bothering you the most

We often suffer from numerous and varied aches and pains. Don’t worry, our protocols are designed to find the reason behind the problem. For example, if you have a headache, and you have sinusitis, the questions will lead to the right result.

2. Answer the questions at your own pace

During the questionnaire, there are no right or wrong answers. Choose the answer which corresponds the most with your symptoms. At the end of the questionnaire, you can provide further information in the free text section. For some questions, you can also send a photo. Please note that you can also go back while filling out the questionnaire. Finally, you can also send a message to the doctor (via the platform) if you want to give further details about some of your answers or information.

3. Add photos

You can always add a photo, either during the questionnaire or from the messaging platform once the questionnaire has been completed. Each time, all you have to do is click on Browse, then on the file that you want to add and finally click on continue. Of course, you can take a photo using your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

4. Get the results of your questionnaire without providing any personal details

During the questionnaire, if we can’t treat your case, you will see a message screen (click Find out more below). You can receive the answers to the questions asked without providing any personal details. You can send it to your e-mail address, save it or print it. You can use it to go to a walk-in clinic or a doctor. You can also make an appointment online with a doctor of your choice. In some emergency situations, we may advise you to call 144. In this case, you can click directly on the relevant button.

5. Make sure that you can be contacted by the doctor and get reimbursed by your basic health insurance

Once you have completed the questionnaire, one of our doctors, who focus exclusively on our activity when they are working for, will contact you. To do this, we will need your contact details so that the doctor can contact you and also to ensure reimbursement by your basic health insurance. Please note that your username is your mobile phone number. Moreover, if a doctor doesn’t contact you, your consultation will be free.

6. Receive notifications by text message or e-mail

You can be notified about the progress of your consultation by text message, e-mail or both.

7. Choosing a general practitioner

We will only send a report of your consultation to your general practitioner if you consent to us doing so. However, we do recommend it as it is important for your general practitioner to have an updated medical file which is as comprehensive as possible. You can discuss this option during your consultation with the doctor. If you consent, you can select the name of your general practitioner by entering the first three letters of their surname. Please note that your doctor’s postcode will appear in brackets during selection.

8. Payment

You can pay by invoice or electronically using a credit card or Twint®. It will soon be possible for you to pay by Apple Pay® and Paypal® as well. If you choose the invoice option, you will receive it at the end of your treatment, for a maximum fee of CHF 59. It will be a Tarmed invoice that you need to pay within 30 days. Additional texts/checks as well as medicine are not included in the price of CHF 59, but are reimbursed by all basic health insurances. If you pay electronically, the amount will be reserved and only debited from your account at the end of the consultation.

9. Verifying your mobile phone number

When you log on to the platform for the first time, you will be asked to verify your mobile phone number through a two-factor authentication process. In other words, you will have to confirm your mobile phone number by entering a code, which is directly sent to your phone by text message. This method will always be used to allow you to log in: you use your phone number to log in, entering your password and the code, which is sent to you by text message. This mechanism ensures a high level of security and is recommended when accessing medical data.

10. Access your personal account

When your consultation request is fulfilled, you will be directed to the following screen, which allows you to send messages/photos to the doctor, access your prescription, test results, report and answers to the questionnaire.

11. Contact the doctor directly

You can contact the doctor at any time by visiting the platform and sending a message or photo. The doctor will then answer you during the opening hours of the platform (Mon-Fri: 8am – 7pmm, Saturday: 9am – 5pm and Sunday: 10am – 4pm) either by message or by calling you directly on your mobile phone. The doctor will always contact you by phone to confirm and check the diagnosis, and will then prescribe your treatment. It is not possible for you to contact the doctor by phone directly.

12. Additional tests/checks

The doctor may ask you to have one or more additional tests/checks carried out in order to check or determine your diagnosis. You can choose to have the additional tests/checks carried out in our network of partner pharmacies. The doctor will suggest the nearest pharmacy to you or the one which suits you best. Please note that you are free to go to any pharmacy to collect your medicine.

13. Follow-up

After your consultation and diagnosis, you will automatically receive a follow-up questionnaire to ensure that your symptoms are improving. The questionnaire will be sent to you between 12 and 72 hours after the consultation, depending on the doctor’s decision. It involves 4 questions and an option to provide more detailed information.

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