Reimbursement through your health insurance

Below you will find some information on how our services are covered by basic health insurance

Our services are reimbursed

by all basic health insurances

If you have chosen the billing option, once your consultation is finished, you will receive a Tarmed bill of a maximum of CHF 59, which you need to pay within 30 days.

Additional tests/checks and medicines are not included in the price of CHF 59; they are reimbursed by all basic health insurances. You will need to send these bills to your insurer for reimbursement.

A maximum of CHF 59,

no surprises!

Our bill of a maximum of CHF 59 includes all interactions with the platform, and therefore the complete consultation. In other words, it covers any contact you may have with the doctor during the case.

The bill includes any communication with the pharmacist, the report that you, and your general practitioner where applicable, will receive, the follow-up questionnaire and the answers to your questions during the management of your case.

How much will I be reimbursed?

Our bill, as well as any additional tests/checks and medicine will only be reimbursed by your health insurance if you have exceeded your excess. In this case, a 10% share will be deducted (unless you have already surpassed the maximum annual share of CHF 700).

What if I have insurance that includes telemedicine?

In contrast to insurance models with telemedicine, our platform is not a gate-keeping solution. You do not need to go through us in order to be able to consult a doctor.

If you choose, you are consulting a doctor in an emergency situation which requires a diagnosis and therefore treatment by a doctor. Thanks to our platform, you can be sure that you will have direct access to a doctor who will handle your case.

By answering a few questions, you can find out immediately and without having to leave the comfort of your own home whether you need to go to Accident & Emergency or see a doctor.

In addition to our personal data certifications, we are completely independent and have no links to any health insurance companies, so you can be sure that your medical data will stay within You will also be reimbursed because it is an emergency. The general terms and conditions of telemedicine models allow for this exception.